Red Cent
He's the one in the position of envy.

Red Cent
SASS # 29170 Life Member

North Carolina State Championship
The Uprising at Swearing Creek
NC Top Hand Award - 2005

SASS World Championship
End of Trail
World Champion - Silver Senior - 2005

*************** Cowboy Tools of the Trade ***************

Usual SASS Category
Elder Statesman

Match Pistols(s)
Three Screw Rugers
Pistol Caliber(s)

Match Rifle(s)
1873 Deluxe Border with 22" Barrel
Rifle Caliber(s)

Match Shotgun(s)
Original Winchester 1897 - 12 gauge

RC has long been a benefactor to the cowboy action shooting sport
as well as an active supporter of local NC clubs.

RC has now started Red Cent Custom Leather which is turning out
some fine leather work.
Facebook - Red Cent Custom Leather
Web Site - Red Cent Custom Leather

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