Old North State Posse's Shoot for the Loot
Championship Challenge

Everyone who becomes an ONSP member is included in the ONSP Shoot for the Loot program which encompasses all ONSP matches for the calendar year - the NC State Championship match is not part of the program.   The program is based upon earning points at each of the regular ONSP monthly matches.   The accumulated points by each participant over the entire duration of the program will determine the final rank and awards in each SASS shooting category with participants.   There is a single award in each category for the participant with the highest point total in that category.   In addition, there is an overall Shoot for the Loot Club Champion award for the participant with the highest point total among all participants across all categories.

ONSP Club Champions:

2007 - Sam Carp

2008 - AR Stoner

2009 - Flat Iron

2010 - Hugh Damwright

2011 - KTown

2012 - Tracker Mike

2013 - Doc Perry

2014 - Whisky River Bill

2015 - Doc Perry

2016 - Rubicon Ryder

2017 - Myra Venge

2018 - Doc Perry

2019 - Barbwire Benn

2020 - Rubicon Ryder

2021 - Rubicon Ryder and Myra Venge (We had a tie !)

2022 - Brown Summit Kid

The following document provides the point details for Shoot for the Loot :

Download Shoot For The Loot Information in PDF Format here

Please note that the program rewards both speed and accuracy for accumulating points with a premium for clean shoots.   This is a 12 month program (Jan. thru Dec.) which also rewards participants for attending ONSP matches - more is better.   Current standings are posted on the ONSP web site after each monthly match so you can see how everyone is doing.   So pick a category (pay attention to the comments in the rules document regarding categories) and have fun !