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Brief Intro to the Cowboy Action Shooting World ! What is it all about ??

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SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting
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ONSP's Shoot for the Loot Competition

All ONSP members are included in this club competition
The competition runs from Jan. thru Dec. via participation in the ONSP monthly matches

Shoot for the Loot Info

State Match
The SASS North Carolina State Championship

Operated by North Carolina Cowboys, Inc., NCCI, and supported by ONSP
Held at the Rowan County Wildlife Assoc. Range - Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2024

The 2023 SASS North Carolina State Championship - NC Cowboy Champion

Terrible Tyler


The 2023 SASS North Carolina State Championship - NC Cowgirl Champion

Island Girl

The Old North State Posse (ONSP) club is an affiliate of the Single Action Society (SASS).
SASS Web Site
SASS Facebook Site

ONSP holds monthly Cowboy Action Shooting matches on the first Sat. of each month
at the Rowan County Wildlife Association range in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Regular Monthly Match Fees
For ONSP Members: $15 per shooter
For Those Not Members of ONSP: $20 per shooter

Notification of any match changes including cancellations will be posted on the following locations:
ONSP Facebook Site
Carolina Cowboys Web Site - access the Cowboy Wire option and look under the News & Announcements section.

Monthly Match Schedule of Events
8:00 9:15 Registration at RCWA Clubhouse
9:15 9:30 Posse Assignments and Score Sheets Generated
9:30 9:45 Safety Briefing on Range
9:45 10:00 We Start Shooting !!
If you are coming by to watch a monthly match, we are usually finishing up by 2pm.

Never heard of Cowboy Action Shooting, or looking to get started ??
See our
FAQ for New Shooters.

RCWA location information, click here.

For a Mapquest map of the area, click here.

For a detailed RCWA map, click here.

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