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ONSP membership is calendar year based - Jan. thru Dec. of each year. Membership renewals for the new year typically start in Dec. and run into the early months of the new year. The current annual membership fee is $15 for an individual and $25 for a family. The primary benefit for being an ONSP member is that you get a $5 discount on all ONSP matches. The funds raised from the ONSP annual memberships typically cover most of our annual ONSP liability insurance requirements - keeps us operational.

With the exception of any ONSP annual/special matches (none currently scheduled), all ONSP matches are 6 stages and the match fees are $15 for ONSP members and $20 for those that are not ONSP members.

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Meet the ONSP Leadership Team:

ONSP Board of Directors for 2023:
President - Roger James aka Tex James
Vice President - Joe Brooks aka Rubicon Ryder
Treasurer - Tim Austin aka Train Wreck
Secretary - Mike Linville aka Tracker Mike
Dewey Caruthers aka Long Branch Louie
Jeff Firestone aka Stonefire Slim
George Ponsolle aka Carbon Canyou Gus

The ONSP BOD is comprised of seven ONSP members (including the four officers) who conduct the club business.
The ONSP Board may also at their discretion appoint a non-voting alternate to the ONSP Board who can be asked
to fill in for a board member if needed.
Current ONSP Board alternate:   (currently vacant)

Feel free to contact any of these members if you have questions about ONSP activities.

For the full ONSP club operational rules - ONSP By-Laws

The ONSP Territorial Governor:
Sallie Nelson aka Sixgun Sallie

The ONSP Territorial Governor (TG) is designated by the ONSP BOD.
A Territorial Governor duties are:
        • The affiliated club's official representative at SASS Territorial Governor meetings
        • Committed to serving the interests of his or her club consistent with the promulgation
            and preservation of Cowboy Action Shooting and "the Spirit of the Game."
        • Bottom line - keeps the club members informed about new SASS proposed/passed rule changes.

The SASS criteria for being a club TG are as follows:
        • Appointed/elected by the SASS affiliated club members he or she represents
        • Completed 3+ consecutive years as an active SASS Member
        • Belong to at least 1 SASS Affiliated Club
        • RO I & RO II Certified (+ current)
        • Must have attended at least 1 SASS Sanctioned Match Event
In addition, ONSP likes to utilize an ONSP member who is also a Regulator although not a SASS requirement.

Current ONSP members who are SASS Regulators:
Dingo Dave
Sixgun Sallie
Tracker Mike
Rubicon Ryder
Myra Venge
Brown Summit Kidd

Additional ONSP points of contact:
Atten: Mike Linville
3461 Mic Mac Trail
Kernersville, NC 27284
E-mail:   trackermike@ymail.com